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Nottin’ funny here

Insurance isn’t funny. Insurance is mostly mandatory and therefore a commodity. But in marketing, for some reason, most insurance companies have gone funny.

Digital Shelf Space

Small food companies versus big ones have one thing in common: Shelf space.

Beware of Content Sameness

Content has been on the rise forever, with the last 5 years seeing a crazy upswing. It’s on the Must-Do-List of every company. And it’s a real pain.

What’s in a name? Everything

Naming is a science. It looks so easy and yet, with almost every URL accounted for, it’s practically impossible to get what you think you really want.

NGOs: brand before cause

Non-profit organizations struggle with branding. Heck, they often believe they don’t need it as much... they’re busy supporting a great cause and all they need is a ‘walk’.

Lead-gen. Patient-gen. Brand-gen.

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure. You know that. Costs are skyrocketing, patients are becoming more informed and empowered, and the competition is only getting tougher. You knew that too.

Big banks need an idea

If you’ve been following the financial industry, you know that big banks are slowly losing customers to agile fintech startups.

Let’s talk Brand Stalking.

Research says: Customers don’t remember 99% of the brand messages they are exposed to each day. Yet, most companies send out email after email to their past, present or just acquired customers.

Find your brand’s darling: A common sense reminder

Adding an article to the celebrity endorsement debacles out there. Three reminders for your brand. A bit of common sense.

Service. It’s not dead yet.

I don’t know what you sell or who you serve. But I know one thing: You’re in the business of customer service.

You just missed the bandwagon.

Oops. You’ve just missed the boat on the latest social media trend. The antidote? Don’t hold up the bandwagon with your internal approval process.

No Tik No Tok

Your start-up doesn’t need to be on TikTok to succeed. Don’t just be there to be there.

Is your style guide alive?

Your company’s style guide should never be static. As your brand changes and grows, so should your style guide. 

How food brands should keep up posting recipes

Running a food company? Then, you need to follow this key recipe...

A new identity for a 100-year-old club.

There's a new generation out there that knows what 'NL' stands for - and they’re always on the lookout at what 'NL' produces. Since the Club’s name has been ’Netherland Club’ for over 100 years, I thought we should be part of the good that 'NL' evokes.

Life after the virus? It’s up to China.

In order to quarantine people correctly, you have to do it together, at once, at the same time. You can't stagger it. Unfortunately it's too late for that. The virus started in China, and the Chinese will think that they have the right to go back to work sooner than the rest of us. Of course it doesn't work like that.

Stop the spread of COVID-19 emails.

Is there a cure for COVID-19 emails coming from every brand or product or service you can think of? There’s certainly a test for it. My diagnose? Stop the emails, the tweets, the obvious paragraph after paragraph repeating what every other brand says. 

Stop joining social. Start being social.

About twenty years ago there was this trend inside ad agencies - more an awakening of some sorts - to start calling brand campaigns movements.

My Happy Place

I once loved social. Social media was a happy place for me. I spent my days watching grumpy cats, listening to Tay Zonday singing Chocolate Rain, asking all my friends called Charlie to take me to candy mountain, admiring double rainbows and attempting to recreate the evolution of dance. Blissful.

OK. Representative

Everyone who has an American Express Card knows how you can get past that annoying "female" bot voice that insists on you putting all your info in before any help. And most of us know that by pressing zeros or any silly combination of a hashtag or star followed by a zero, gets us awarded with the coveted status of; "OK. REPRESENTATIVE."