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Friday 13% Off Day

This is a proposal to all the stores in the world. Let’s make Friday the 13th a day to get a flat 13%-Off-Everything-Day.

Show the empathy

This winter feels extra cold now that inflation keeps rising. Brands can help keeping the cold out.

Your brand's resolution list for 2023

Please! Not another New Year’s Resolution List. Don’t we hate them because we break them? Maybe so, but your brand needs one.

Datanitis. Is a serious condition.

If the first thing your company does in the morning is to check data numbers, it’s suffering from datanitis.

Data ain’t savin’ your brand

By 2025, we’re looking at 180 zettabytes of data. We don't even know what a zettabyte is.But it has endless zeros.

3 reminders for celebrity brand endorsement

Collaborations and celebrity endorsements can raise a brand’s awareness faster than almost anything else. But that only works when the collab or celeb is the right choice for the brand.

The 200-year old influencer.

In 1930 the Coca-Cola Company started illustrating Santa, showing him happily enjoying their refreshing soda. They’ve never stopped.

Make the brief brief again

Most financial companies say: “Here’s the brief…” And most of the time it’s anything but brief.

Using jargon isn’t healthy.

Healthcare insurance companies have a bit of a problem. Your B2C customers can't understand your jargon. Your B2B customers are bored by reading the same jargon as your competitors.

Nottin’ funny here

Insurance isn’t funny. Insurance is mostly mandatory and therefore a commodity. But in marketing, for some reason, most insurance companies have gone funny.

Digital Shelf Space

Small food companies versus big ones have one thing in common: Shelf space.

Beware of Content Sameness

Content has been on the rise forever, with the last 5 years seeing a crazy upswing. It’s on the Must-Do-List of every company. And it’s a real pain.

What’s in a name? Everything

Naming is a science. It looks so easy and yet, with almost every URL accounted for, it’s practically impossible to get what you think you really want.

NGOs: brand before cause

Non-profit organizations struggle with branding. Heck, they often believe they don’t need it as much... they’re busy supporting a great cause and all they need is a ‘walk’.

Lead-gen. Patient-gen. Brand-gen.

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure. You know that. Costs are skyrocketing, patients are becoming more informed and empowered, and the competition is only getting tougher. You knew that too.

Big banks need an idea

If you’ve been following the financial industry, you know that big banks are slowly losing customers to agile fintech startups.

Let’s talk Brand Stalking.

Research says: Customers don’t remember 99% of the brand messages they are exposed to each day. Yet, most companies send out email after email to their past, present or just acquired customers.

Find your brand’s darling: A common sense reminder

Adding an article to the celebrity endorsement debacles out there. Three reminders for your brand. A bit of common sense.

Service. It’s not dead yet.

I don’t know what you sell or who you serve. But I know one thing: You’re in the business of customer service.

You just missed the bandwagon.

Oops. You’ve just missed the boat on the latest social media trend. The antidote? Don’t hold up the bandwagon with your internal approval process.