Digital Shelf Space

Small food companies versus big ones have one thing in common:

Shelf space.

This is a fierce fight, measured in inches (or centimeters), and often lost to the bigger food companies.

Distribution is king. 
Distribution is a money business.
Distribution is what smaller companies often can’t afford.

The dream scenario is a customer going to the front office of a supermarket and asking in what aisle that ‘new’ product is. One customer won’t make much difference, but ten can raise eyebrows. 

But does that still happen?
Do consumers still do that? Do they take the effort to complain?

Yes. Online.

We call this ‘Digital Shelf Space.’

And we’re not just talking about being featured on page 1 of Amazon’s Whole Foods Market page; we’re talking about reposts, followers and good old inquiries.

So now the fight between small vs. big is over pixels (instead of inches or centimeters).

And the smaller (as well as the larger) companies need:

1) a long-term strategic outreach plan balanced between ‘paid for’ and organic.

2) a team that’s committed to quality content creation.

3) and that’s committed to jump on news and trends.

That’s where a good affordable marketing and design partner comes in. To take away some of that never-ending content-creating pressure.

Because in the end, we know that people are very passionate about food. Especially new or alternative or local food products.

And while they may not ask a supermarket manager if they have “it” any longer, they are super capable of finding directions to someone who does shelve it, online.