NGOs: brand before cause

Non-profit organizations struggle with branding. 

Heck, they often believe they don’t need it as much... they’re busy supporting a great cause and all they need is a ‘walk’.

But we think that branding is actually critical for a non-profit’s success.

A great brand will...

1) Capture the attention of major and smaller donors.

2) Generate enthusiasm among volunteers and key partners.

3) Create an identity that’s easily recognizable and attracts media. 

4) Avoid the color purple or pink. (Seriously, the amount of NGO’s out there using pink or purple is staggering and brand confusion is rampant).

By creating a unique identity with a distinct idea, combined with unique non-formulated messaging, a non-profit can make its case more effectively, secure more donations and inspire action. 

Non-profits should consider branding as the most important investment in their future, just like they would with any other business initiative.

Branding your non-profit isn’t optional.

It comes before the research, service or cause you champion.