Using jargon isn’t healthy.

Healthcare insurance companies have a bit of a problem. 

Your B2C customers can't understand your jargon.
Your B2B customers are bored by reading the same jargon as your competitors. 

They get blurry-eyed reading your websites and dizzy trying to understand your marketing.

And it's not just the medical terms. There are a whole host of industry acronyms and abbreviations that make it difficult for customers to understand your messaging.

The pressures of SEO have driven companies to think they have to speak the same language. Now everyone uses the same lingo and it causes confusion and sameness.

Three reasons why this is a problem: 

1) It alienates potential quality customers who don’t understand what you’re talking about. 

2) It makes it challenging to convey your ‘brand’ value proposition.

3) It makes it easy to ‘walk away.’

What companies can use is clear communication with straightforward language that anyone can understand – ‘no medical degree required.’ 

It's time to ditch the jargon and start communicating in plain English. 
Your customers and patients will thank you for it.

P.S. We’ve worked with the Lustgarten-foundation, a 100% pancreatic research center, in communicating their selfless mission. Check it out: