Data ain’t savin’ your brand

By 2025, we’re looking at 180 zettabytes of data.

We don't even know what a zettabyte is.
But it has endless zeros.

Anyway, these 180 zettabytes of data won’t just magically appear. 
Data is created, captured, copied, and consumed.


Because we’ve collectively fallen in love with data.

We tweet, we shop online, we post on TikTok, and we unlock our phones with biometrics.
We share pictures and videos, ask for directions and track the stock market.

And it’s all data waiting to be consumed.

Data has become the No.1 vital asset in business for marketing, innovation, distribution, and manufacturing.

The one department that suffers from too much data is your marketing department.

Marketing is technically the opposite of numbers. Not sales numbers but insight numbers. That data is as untrustworthy as ‘bad’ data.

That data has also led to performance marketing instead of building your brand.

Take Airbnb.

Since 2021, they have shifted spending from performance marketing to brand marketing, and it’s working much better. They (read: the brand) discovered their roots again. Airbnb is a human-to-human brand. It relies on friendliness and stories. Not exactly data. 

So ask yourself this.

Is it time for a brand evaluation? Is it time to look at your brand from the heart instead of through numbers?