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Research and Strategy

Experience planning
Brand architecture
Communications strategy
Experience strategy

From qualitative to quantitative to high-level executive interviews to distilling available data, we do it in-house and with partners. We make sure we create strategies that align with our client’s brand and heritage or startup plans. But we don’t do this in a vacuum without the input of our creative teams. From the get go we get creative teams involved in what questions should be asked and what kind of data would help find true insights to help the creative process.

The Darling Idea

Listen to the client
Study strategic brief
Expand the idea

The goal is to come up with an idea that makes you the ‘darling of your industry.’™ It takes a creative group that keeps that goal in mind without deviating from the strategy. Pushing towards the crazy is fine as long as it answers to the business goals and new brand voice. Many times we have stared at a wonderful one-off idea that had no legs. In the end we understand that those are bad investments without long term dividends.

Branding and Design

Identity / Logo
Logical UX/UI
Content / Events

We combine identity designs and branding ideas down to brand colours, typefaces and so on – with the ultimate marketing idea in mind. Too many design firms think in a vacuum. They’re not trained to see the marketing needs down the road. They’ll serve up a brand identity, brand style guide etc. which often doesn’t jive with advertising production or creative needs. On the flip side, we combine branding, design and marketing thinking with a business goal in mind.

Social Media

Strategy and planning
Creative development
Listening and trending

Social media was designed to connect people. To build communities. Sometimes that can get lost chasing the dream of the ‘viral video’ or ‘trending platform.’ We don’t approach social media by looking at the platform, we look at the people who are the core of your social; your community. We discover what they need, what they engage with, how they talk about your brand, and where you can add value, and then we decide where you need to be; creating content for TikTok, working with partners, or even forming and running a Facebook Group.

Advertising Production

Digital assets
Film / video
Traditional assets

From digital to websites to video, we produce all creative in-house. We also partner with animators, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers as well as our client’s in-house partners. True collaboration is much harder for larger agencies since their business model is to take work away from others. We on the other hand have the opposite model. We respect and know how to meaningfully cooperate with our client’s in-house departments, and their vendors.

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