Nottin’ funny here

Insurance isn’t funny.
Insurance is mostly mandatory and therefore a commodity. 

But in marketing, for some reason, most insurance companies have gone funny.

They call it humor.
And for their customers in need of a check it ain’t hitting the funny bone.

So the field is wide open for real emotion.
To show life.
The beauty of real people.

Don’t you yawn.
It can be done.

(Years ago I did it with Ernie Schenk, and we blew the lid off a real campaign for Liberty Mutual.)

So to those insurance companies looking to enter the marketing fray we say:

1) Define your purpose: 
Don’t out-funny the others and get into a comedy competition.

2) Humanize your brand: 
Go emotional. Go real.
(Add real idea here__________________).

3) Be relevant: 
In an industry where trust is so important, speak from the heart and out-perform the mega-spenders with a real message.

We can help you bring 1,2 and 3 to life.

We’re not trying to be funny.

(Sing this in the tune of Liberty Mutual:
Hit us up, hit us up… hit us up. Hit us up.)