We're darling

An independent creative design and marketing agency founded by Jeroen Bours.

He saw that the most effective brand expression comes not only from insight and creativity – but also from the ability to work directly with clients in a focused and agile manner. This was the part missing in larger agencies and design firms; clients and creatives most often didn’t have the chance to work directly together. From our start, Darling has practiced agile marketing with clients through cross-functional teams creating solutions in dedicated sprints. This approach allows us to outthink, guide, and respond far more effectively than the sprawling agency networks.

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Chief Strategist

Speaks the language of strategy few understand without asking: “Whaaat?” Has been called brilliant by strangers. Sees the future without a crystal ball. Has not had his own Ted Talk yet.

Contact Andrei for Strategy queries

Kelly Platt

Creative Director

It only took a few years for Kelly to be crowned the youngest president of any agency ever. Written up in the journals, Kelly continues as one of the backbones of the company. She has the capability to blend strategic thinking with solution-based, super sharp, snappy and witty creative writing, ranging from social media to launching consumer products and global campaigns.


Agency Producer and Designer

Top designer and brilliant producer. Everything is possible. Literally moves mountains. Speaks at 110Db. Opens every door just by smiling. Brings sunshine to every room.

Contact Megan for Production queries


Senior Designer

Super buttoned-up, Janice weathers entire storms by herself. A master designer, retoucher, and production specialist. The know-it-all in digital display and all forms of digital production. 


Senior Designer

Has a solution before the rest of us even sit down. Loves the labyrinth of websites. Impeccable taste. A true born designer. Suffers no fools. But you would never know it.



Actor turned designer. Serves up strategic solutions no one else thinks of. Goes in directions no one else dares to go. Single-handedly represents the next Gen of designers.


Project Manager

Logistical mastermind. Like Radar on M.A.S.H. (see reruns). Visualizes practical office and project management solutions in his mind before writing it all down for us to understand. Born on another planet.

Contact David for general queries

We have tapped our network to add all kinds of specialists to a project team, including:

Illustrators and Animators
Urban Planners
Software Developers
Game Designers
Healthcare Clinicians

Contact us to talk about how we can put together an agile agency team for you.

Be the darling.

Business growth requires a team that can handle brand experiences across the world and across all audiences with precise creativity.

Be the darling everywhere.

Business growth requires a team that can handle brand experiences across the world and across all audiences with precise creativity.

Be the darling always.

Our precise creativity connects all brand experiences. From branding to marketing to social to simply being always there and available. We handle those moments using any media available.

Stay a darling.

It takes many parts to keep you a darling in the marketplace. Translating your brand idea down to the details – including your sales pipeline, helps your brand stay on top. Teamwork between darling and your in-house teams and the vendors you have in place is also one crucial part.