Service. It’s not dead yet.

I don’t know what you sell or who you serve. 

But I know one thing:

You’re in the business of customer service.

Like a hotel or restaurant.

At the exact moment you start offering products or services to customers, whether B2B or B2C, your business also turns into the business of customer service.

It’s the most important aspect of any business. 

It can make or break a company, and it’s something that should always be top-of-mind for business owners and employees alike.

The reasons are simple:

1- How you treat your customers correlates directly with the perception of your brand.

2- Just like a hotel or restaurant, only the last interaction decides your customer’s satisfaction. 

3- Only happy customers lead to repeat business and referrals. Unhappy customers immediately loose their brand loyalty.

You can’t be in business anymore without focusing 100% on your customers. 

They’re the #1 priority if you want to stay in business.

What rules do you have around customer service?