Lead-gen. Patient-gen. Brand-gen.

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure.

You know that.

Costs are skyrocketing, patients are becoming more informed and empowered, and the competition is only getting tougher. 

You knew that too.

In this climate, marketing communication is more important than ever before.

Brand ideas or a new marketing campaign often sound like the last thing a hospital network or healthcare insurance group needs.

At the surface it looks like the healthcare industry only needs lead-generation - or lets call it patient-generation. Not brand-generation.

A hospital or pharmacy needs patients, while an insurance group needs customers that hopefully don’t become patients.  

And they all should be using a strategic marketing agency that:

– is nimble, adaptable, and focused on immediate results.

– can quickly pivot in response to changes in the market or feedback.

– is structured in a way that encourages collaboration and open communication.

Understanding the challenge of building a brand faster while making your precious budget bring in immediate results as well, is what’s called for.  

That’s a tricky operation.

On one hand your budget needs to build up your brand and bring in, and hold on to customers at the same time. 

That’s a triple marketing bypass if you ask us.

And, maybe you should ask us.