Datanitis. Is a serious condition.

If the first thing your company does in the morning is to check data numbers, it’s suffering from datanitis.

Also known as inflammation of data.
Not exactly a real word.
But in our opinion, a real condition.

Any startup or well-established company uses data to make decisions.
Data is also customer feedback, social media engagement, sentiment, market trends, etc.

Many, if not most, companies rely on this data way too much.
By that, we mean people starting to become their own data.
Next, the company is running on data instead of by people.

And that’s how companies slowly lose their brand values.

Your brand is a gut feeling your customers get when they see or hear your name. And that feeling is based on everything from the company's values to how its employees interact with customers. Not your data.

Maybe it’s time for you to do a brand evaluation and ask some simple questions:

- What do you think your company stands for?
- What do your customers think your company stands for?
- What do your suppliers think your company stands for?

Data can answer these questions. So can humans.
We prefer the latter.

Giving data a few days off is always a good business practice.