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Why aren't you calling A.I. back?

Call your mom first. Call A.I. next. CMOs and their teams expect you to write, respond, rate, review and call their bots back.

No President's Day Sale

It’s President's Day, and you shouldn’t run a sale today. It harms the meaning of the day set aside to honor our presidents and is yet another meaningless sale.

Valueless Superbowl

Today’s the day everybody writes about their opinions of the Superbowl spots. No worries. Not here. We just want to bring up one point: value.

NEW is overrated

Relax. Your brand is fine if it’s not NEW. NEW is overrated. NEW can actually hurt your brand.

The State of The Brand

Last night was the annual State of The Union address – a beautiful American tradition few other countries have.

Brand Love is earned

Not everyone has to love your brand. If you get nervous looking at reviews and comments coming in, take a break.

The Scroll Site. For people who hate websites.

Within three months, many companies fall out of love after launching their website. That’s ok. It took you much longer than three months to get there. So yes, site fatigue sets in quickly.

Conceptless Nothingness

Nothingness is all around us. How many ads, or whatever, have we seen that start with ‘Be’?

The Glassdoor into your brand

Warning: People are able to see through a glass door. This actually has a lot to do with your brand.

The doctor will see your brand now

An annual checkup on your brand promise is a great idea. When was the last time you blew off the dust of your brand book or style guide?

Please don't ask about my experience

As if reviews aren’t bad enough, now brands are asking us about our buying experiences.

Friday 13% Off Day

This is a proposal to all the stores in the world. Let’s make Friday the 13th a day to get a flat 13%-Off-Everything-Day.

Show the empathy

This winter feels extra cold now that inflation keeps rising. Brands can help keeping the cold out.

Your brand's resolution list for 2023

Please! Not another New Year’s Resolution List. Don’t we hate them because we break them? Maybe so, but your brand needs one.

Datanitis. Is a serious condition.

If the first thing your company does in the morning is to check data numbers, it’s suffering from datanitis.

Data ain’t savin’ your brand

By 2025, we’re looking at 180 zettabytes of data. We don't even know what a zettabyte is.But it has endless zeros.

3 reminders for celebrity brand endorsement

Collaborations and celebrity endorsements can raise a brand’s awareness faster than almost anything else. But that only works when the collab or celeb is the right choice for the brand.

The 200-year old influencer.

In 1930 the Coca-Cola Company started illustrating Santa, showing him happily enjoying their refreshing soda. They’ve never stopped.

Make the brief brief again

Most financial companies say: “Here’s the brief…” And most of the time it’s anything but brief.

Using jargon isn’t healthy.

Healthcare insurance companies have a bit of a problem. Your B2C customers can't understand your jargon. Your B2B customers are bored by reading the same jargon as your competitors.