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A.k.a. Not now please!

Data allows marketing, media, and ad agency teams to really know their audiences. From habits to behavior, from personal tastes to aversions to intimate secrets. This knowledge has served brands well.

Artificial? Yes.

Practically no one is asking where AI’s bottomless information is coming from. Or, let’s say this differently; every AI-generated image or suggestion is basically based on the past.

Hire Grandma

Over the last few years, diversity has been pumped up to the ‘Oomph’ dimension. Wonderful. But age discrimination is still rampant.

No Tik No Tok

This is the first time a social media platform is being attacked politically, front and center. We’ve seen the other platforms being fined or slapped on the wrist, but this is different.

Brands must take grandmas seriously

We are still getting strategic briefs with age specs. Like – ages: 22 to 54. Who thinks that up? Data? Your call-it-in research?

Using A.I. will destroy your brand's authenticity

In the last ten years, branding and ad agencies have been telling CMOs what they need to do.

Do you wish your brand a nice weekend?

A brand’s reputation is the most at stake between Friday and Monday morning. That’s pretty much common sense since we all buy stuff most of the time during the weekend.

If ChatGPT would be your intern, would you hire it?

The intern season is coming, and we hope everyone is helping them all out.Hire an intern. Meanwhile, companies are wondering if they should get that ChatGPT thingy this summer.

The idea industry is under attack

Writers, painters, illustrators, and designers fear the general acceptance of A.I. and how it will smother their idea industry.

Why aren't you calling A.I. back?

Call your mom first. Call A.I. next. CMOs and their teams expect you to write, respond, rate, review and call their bots back.

No President's Day Sale

It’s President's Day, and you shouldn’t run a sale today. It harms the meaning of the day set aside to honor our presidents and is yet another meaningless sale.

Valueless Superbowl

Today’s the day everybody writes about their opinions of the Superbowl spots. No worries. Not here. We just want to bring up one point: value.

NEW is overrated

Relax. Your brand is fine if it’s not NEW. NEW is overrated. NEW can actually hurt your brand.

The State of The Brand

Last night was the annual State of The Union address – a beautiful American tradition few other countries have.

Brand Love is earned

Not everyone has to love your brand. If you get nervous looking at reviews and comments coming in, take a break.

The Scroll Site. For people who hate websites.

Within three months, many companies fall out of love after launching their website. That’s ok. It took you much longer than three months to get there. So yes, site fatigue sets in quickly.

Conceptless Nothingness

Nothingness is all around us. How many ads, or whatever, have we seen that start with ‘Be’?

The Glassdoor into your brand

Warning: People are able to see through a glass door. This actually has a lot to do with your brand.

The doctor will see your brand now

An annual checkup on your brand promise is a great idea. When was the last time you blew off the dust of your brand book or style guide?

Please don't ask about my experience

As if reviews aren’t bad enough, now brands are asking us about our buying experiences.