The 200-year old influencer.

In 1930 the Coca-Cola Company started illustrating Santa, showing him happily enjoying their refreshing soda. They’ve never stopped.

Since then, countless companies have invited St. Nick to sell their products. If it fits under the tree, it’s understandable, like chocolates, beer, cigarettes, liqueur, tons of toy brands, and even Pepsi. (Which didn’t last long.)

And? Does Santa work? We know he works his tuches off. But does he work in marketing today? Well…do influencers?

Hell yes.

Santa is the ultimate influencer, historically flying around just during the month of December - while today, many retail companies are starting to abuse him from Halloween all the way till the beginning of January.

Exhausting for him.
Exhausting for us.

It’s a creative team's nightmare to find new ways to use the old man.
But for a client, it’s the go-to for obvious reasons;

a/ Santa is his own 200+ year trust brand

b/ Santa crosses every age group

c/ If Santa uses the product he peddles, it must be good

For many brands, including Mercedes, it’s become that year-end tradition. As if we all can afford to buy a luxury car in December. It doesn’t matter; for marketing teams, it’s an annual budgetary question; Can we afford him this year?

Not that Santa is getting royalties, but temporary campaigns and ad buys are prohibitive.

We say we welcome the challenge.
Santa, done up anew and on different platforms. Why not?
Just treat him like an influencer.

He’s got the energy.
He’s got the looks.
He’s got the following.
And he’s coming to town.

What more do you want?