Let’s talk Brand Stalking.

Let’s talk ‘Brand Stalking.’

Research says: Customers don’t remember 99% of the brand messages they are exposed to each day.

Yet, most companies send out email after email to their past, present or just acquired customers.

Most companies react to a first-time online customer with an average of 5 emails (that’s being conservative).

1- A purchase confirmation.
2- An email promising to keep them up to date on the status of the package.
3- An email welcoming them to the company.
4- An email with a ‘next-time’ offer.
5- A request for rating the experience.

We call that ‘Brand Stalking.’

Imagine that in real life. I enter a store. I see what I want, I purchase it. 

Next, a person runs after me asking me tons of questions. 

- How was it? 
- How do you rate the store? 
- What do you think of me the salesperson? 
- Can you give me a good rating? 
- And don’t forget to follow us on (fill in the blank)!

Would you go back? Doubtful.

If we don’t remember 99% of brand messages we get thrown at us during the day, the one thing customers do remember is a company overdoing it. 

That’s Brand Stalking for ya.