Xlear (pronounced: clear), a brand for natural nasal health products containing Xylitol (a sugar alcohol with numerous medical benefits), sniffed out Darling to design awe-inspiring advertising for their flagship product, Xlear Nasal Spray.


With fresh national distribution channels funneling into red-hot retailers such as Target and CVS, it was crucial to support distribution and drive sales. But why Xlear? Why another (natural) nasal spray? Consumer education was “xlearly” necessary.

As a non-medicinal product, the FDA limits the types of bold statements placed on new products, forcing Darling into our favorite corner: having to find a crafty, novel creative approach. 

Blunt and bold, we decided to have some smelly fun with the campaign “Go Wash Your Nose.” This silly phrase is not only attention grabbing, but simultaneously educates the consumer of the ample benefits of Xlear and how those benefits come to pass. Xlear is composed of saline and Xylitol, the saline essentially “washing” the nasal passages while the Xylitol helps keep the nose protected with its antibacterial properties. Fun fact—nearly 90% of all infections begin via bacteria entering the nose. The line “Go Wash Your Nose”, highlights the overlooked importance of nasal health; Just like you wash your hands on a daily basis, washing your nose is equally as important. 

The campaign launched September 2016 in print and mobile, and plans to extend the message to radio and TV mediums in 2017 are excitedly underway.



"Employees Must Wash Nose" signs were placed in the restrooms of Xlear HQ as a fun spin off of the campaign. The overwhelmingly positive response lead us to placing them in various public restrooms across the US for consumers to stumble upon.