• Naming
  • Identity and Logo
  • App design (UX/UI)
  • Brand Voice / Style Guide
  • Social Media

Naming this startup was a blast. They are a job placement service for the service industry. So ‘hopping’ came to mind. The rest is obvious.

Start from scratch.

It’s very rewarding when you can be in the trenches with a new client from the very beginning.

Our own kangaroo.

After jumping around many ideas, we landed on crafting our own Kangeroo - now called Gigaroo.

Thinking it through.

From Logo to a complete identity look and feel. Including brand colors, detailed typographic choices, and a living style guide.

App design deserves original iconography.

Iconography designed from scratch following every step a user can make within the newly designed App. Debating over the right wording to make sure users make the right moves in the shortest amount of time.