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Our 4-year partnership with fintech startup MarketAxess is helping ignite a worldwide bond e-trading revolution. Spoiler: MarketAxess is the #2 best performing stock of the last decade behind Netflix.

The mission

Thanks to MarketAxess technology, millions of bonds are traded safely and more efficiently in a new “open market.” But 80% of bonds are still traded via the phone despite the advantages. Darling is helping MarketAxess change this deeply entrenched behavior.

Our positioning

Simple and bold: “We created Open Trading. You created the Open Market.” We gave the investing community their share of the credit for using MarketAxess’ tool to create a highly functional and successful Open Market.

The brand films

It took Darling 3 months to go from concept stage to launch, including original creative filmed and photographed in Tokyo, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, London and New York City.

Digital campaign

Darling designed and maintained the campaign landing page, updating it in minutes with new content, new videos (many of which we created), and new MarketAxess initiatives.

An idea that travels

The “Open Market” campaign includes banners and videos translated for international markets. It’s an idea with “legs” that continues to get results.


In the first two weeks, the campaign broke records. Average time spent on our landing pages was well above four minutes. Average click-through rates on paid display were above 50%. 85% of landing page visitors went on to explore the MarketAxess website. The campaign has been an international success, and MarketAxess is building even more momentum in the bond trading market.