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What do you call a new, never-seen-before scientific platform that connects scientists like never before? What does it look like? How do you talk about it? What is its voice?

Welcome to Ardia

The Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform links scientists, tools, and data seamlessly together, continually helping the global scientific community get closer to the truth.

Try everything.

Regarding identity, we started with regular typographic shapes and letters. But this is science. So let science lead you into organic shapes.

Creating a new world.

When we landed on the final logo shape, we saw it had a fluid nature. It wasn’t resting; it was moving. So we continued to explore within the same world – a series of icons that would symbolize the functionalities of the new platform.

The visual voice of Ardia.

You know something works when it translates seamlessly into various communication mediums. The visual voice of Ardia has to work hard. It has to speak to every scientist and instill curiosity. Its iconography has to explain tough subjects and inspire the highest goal: getting closer to the truth.

Don’t stop.

Like scientists, we continue exploring to see what else can be done with this graphic voice we created. Ardia should always be a surprising product that never stands still.