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For over 7 years we’ve been helping import delicious and authentic Gouda cheeses from Holland. We name them, design them and help market them. It’s the best tasting client on our roster.  

Hello Artikaas.

The word ‘kaas’ means cheese in Dutch. Therefore Artikaas simply means ‘The Art of Cheese.’ And it’s not an overpromise. The company behind these freshly imported cheeses has been making mostly Gouda for generations. Historians can’t agree on how long the art of cheesemaking in Holland dates back. There’s proof that it started long before the Roman conquest – so that’s anywhere BCE. We’re responsible for the overall brand design, label naming and design, social and website.    

Artikaas. The brand.

The company has over 12 sub-brands. Strategically we established that Artikaas itself needed to be a brand. This master Gouda variation is uncontested as the best cheese to pass U.S. customs. Hence the name.

How about orange?

A brand needs a strong visual ‘voice.’ From box to labels to site, we choose bright Dutch-related colours. Orange is a fun yet obvious choice, since it tips the hat to the Royal family called ‘Van Oranje Nassau.’

A landing page with room to grow.

We have a method whereby lengthy website strategies can be avoided by simply launching a landing ‘scroll’ page that grows steadily into a more robust website. It makes launching an online presence three times as fast. The Artikaas ‘website’ is an excellent example of that strategy. It’s a living thing. It’s the perfect balance between fun and business.

Cheesy Social. We have an excuse.

People love cheese. And, people are wide open to learn about cheese-wisdom, tips, fun stuff etc. So it’s easier to entertain and be social in this category. From art to recipes to learnings, followers share it and eat it up. 

The story is worth reading.

Aren’t brochures dead? For many in the food industry, a brochure is proof in the pudding. It’s historic proof that a company is holding on to the best quality and standards even under cost-cutting market-driven pressures. In this case, Artikaas may be a super modern cheese production company, but the traditions are right there and will never ever be compromised.