Clean Energy



Since February 2016, Darling has been working on energy-related projects for Federal and State agencies.

We are asked to help with strategic thinking and planning, communication design, marketing concepts, media planning and buying.

Our past experience; launching the worldwide BP (beyond petroleum) consumer and business campaigns, as well as global work for Exxon/Mobil, has prepared us well to take on nationwide and statewide governmental issues.

We are excited to work for the other side with regard to promoting responsible and alternative energy choices.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from sharing any details regarding past and ongoing projects on our site.

However, we can say that our strategic and communication efforts include onshore and offshore wind power, community involvement, architect and developer outreach, and general consumer education.

We can explain in greater detail what it is we excel in, and how we go about helping various government agencies with their energy related challenges, but for that you’d have to sit down with us in person.