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Branding & Design


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A new name. A new identity. Anything new attached to a new dream, product or service is a big deal. There are many design firms that can take that on. We do it a little differently in that we are not just designers. We are art directors, copywriters and strategists who all get a say in how we tackle such an important project.

The Start

The difference is that we judge design ideas differently from the start. Will it be timeless? Will it sell? Does it communicate your company's value? Will people inside the company be proud of the name? Will they gladly wear a T-Shirt with our new identity design on it? A normal design firm may not pose all these questions at once – or at all. But we’re told we’re not exactly normal.

Think Communication

No matter what we design, we immediately think communication. We hate designing in a vacuum. What are you expecting from a new branding project? Where do you really want to be 3 years from now? Those are the questions we try to answer when we design for you.

Four pages describing typography and color gradients on a medium blue background

Our Mindset

Our designers and art directors have designed for American Express, IBM, Mastercard, AT&T and other major enterprises. But designing for a startup, or redesigning for a company that wants to be a startup again, is perhaps most exciting. Because you have to restart a mindset within the company. Redesigning identities, is also a fantastic challenge we love. You have to be diplomatic, ask yourself what is enough and what is too much. We do that by truly partnering with our clients. Design is fickle. No matter how much thought you give it, it’s ultimately about personal taste.