Vivo Health PBM


Vivo Health PBM


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Darling helps Northwell Health create its entry in the world of PBM’s.

The Who

Vivo Health is the pharmacy services offshoot of Northwell Health, New York's largest healthcare provider and employer. Darling is working with Vivo on the launch of their PBM, or pharmacy benefits manager - an industry under constant criticism for its opaque practices and lack of perceived value. Many of the newer PBM entrants feature 'revolution' or 'a whole new'-themed headlines, but don't pay off the promise with 'how'.

The What

Vivo Health was born from Northwell's integrated health network focus on patient-centric care, and as an in-house pharmacy created successful patient adherence support across a range of chronic condition therapies. Their success allows them to say authentically "Clinically-driven."

The How

While the major PBMs (which control 72% of the pharmacy benefits market) all started as distribution or business services companies, Vivo's continuous patient healthcare activities and PharmD leadership is distinct even from newer industry entrants. The new homepage headline is their positioning: "We're in the middle, but we're not middlemen"