Rimini Street


Rimini Street

Darling is thrilled to be riding down Rimini Street, an international third party ERP vendor servicing large software accounts at a fraction of the price with more deeply involved, dedicated assistance.

The Rimini Street team approached Darling as they were gearing up to embark on a major marketing push. Rimini is clearly the superior choice in enterprise software services—our task was to devise a media strategy and creative campaign that simply showed consumers why.

We dubbed the campaign "On Rimini Street”, featuring memorable plays on words and eye-catching dashed lines, which focused on points of differentiation while highlighting the numerous benefits of "moving" to Rimini Street.



The “On Rimini Street” campaign consisted of (inter)national TV, print, digital, video and social executions. Paved in part by our campaign, Rimini Street has seen an incredible year with sales eclipsing their previous record highs.



Shifting our sights on the social communities of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, we recently crafted a sub-campaign to help aide the Rimini sales team. Switching ERP vendors is not a decision made lightly or swiftly in companies. To kickstart these tough conversations we let fly a social campaign called, “The Switch Pitch”. Numbered tips and tidbits offered up impressive facts and statistics about Rimini Street, wrapped up in wit and humor for share-potency in the social space.