Hamilton Beach


Hamilton Beach: a perennial beacon of class and quality. But with low brand awareness and four new products to push, Hamilton Beach came to us hungry for new inspiration.


The Idea

Good Thinking, spawned from carefully observing the company for two days and engaging with designers, tinkerers, engineers, sales people and management. What we heard is the minute details of sound they couldn't hear for themselves; Hamilton Beach practiced the art of simply making things better. Their engineers don’t just make the same old coffee makers and toasters, they re-imagine these products to be more efficient, innovative and durable. Even with the consistent pressure of delivering products as competitively priced as possible, they figured out ways to continuously improve appliances we all use, making our lives just that much better.


Good Thinking is what an engineer says to another. It's not exaggeration; it’s the humble truth of what Hamilton Beach thrives at. The idea was bought on the spot.



Together, teamed with Lewis Media in Richmond, we decided to recommend a "Golden 1%" target approach. Since the campaign was part product demo and part brand,  the obvious choice was to communicate to hardcore foodies—often found glued to the Food Network. Hamilton Beach agreed with this single-channel media buy, and two months later metrics of the campaign revealed increased sales by 63.5%. Good thinking.


Today, Good Thinking has become Hamilton Beach's backbone organizing principle. Everything they do, present or communicate is stamped with Good Thinking, down to the Good Thinking cookies they'll bake during shows, events or at PR briefings. Ideas that last.

In all of my years at Hamilton Beach, no one has ever explained exactly what we are about in under 30 seconds.
— Dr. Michael Morecroft, President and CEO (emeritus)