Genpact, masters of Lean Six-Sigma, expertly enhance a variety of companies everyday, rendering them more efficient and effective than ever.

Creating meaningful campaigns for all-star clients is embedded in Darling’s DNA. Naturally, a marriage formed between the two. With 70,000 employees worldwide, a General Electric heritage, and a roster of impressive clients, Genpact is a major player in business operation optimization.

All that remained in order to ascend higher, was key industry positioning to match their prowess; enter Darling. We created a meaning behind Genpact – Generating Impact. The phrase not only encompasses their name, but also their ultimate goal: creating positive impact for their clients.


With a highly successful print and digital campaign in tow,  we then flexed further Genpact muscle in a corporate video explaining Generating Impact, and crafted a rippling thought leadership app. Simultaneously, Darling also led a complete overhaul of the company’s website, adding the concise, crisp look befitting of Genpact’s caliber


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A 45.7% lift in unaided brand awareness after the campaign ran for just three months.