Dutch Cheese Makers


Dutch Cheese Makers


  • Naming
  • Product Development
  • Package Design

One of the largest importers of Dutch cheeses in the US, Dutch Cheese Makers tasked Darling with developing and refreshing multiple brands for the US market, chiefly through naming and packaging design.

Ripe for change

The cheeses needed names and packaging as appealing and fresh as the artisanal varieties themselves: young, aged, goat, and our personal favorite, truffle. Names were created based on organically Dutch terms, but curated in spelling and pronunciation to be American-friendly.

What’s in a name?

We developed names, such as “Smoking Cow,” and tested pronunciation (and mispronunciation) amongst a wide array of audiences.

Going Dutch

Names, even when mispronounced, still needed to sound Dutch (or in one case European), and hint at the qualities of the cheese inside the package.

Artisanal designs, too

All images for Dutch Cheese Makers cheeses, including this charming label for aged goat’s milk gouda, are either designed in-house, or feature original woodcuts by Cathy Morrison.

At a store near you

The brands initially launched in early 2017 in all Whole Foods stores. At present, we are developing additional brands for the US and other countries.