BMC Digital

BMC Digital

82% of the Fortune 500® relies on BMC. It's an impressive fact and makes for quite an intelligent client. We're into our fourth year with them and second campaign. Meanwhile, brand recognition has gone up by 38% to a whopping 68% total.


Fast Track

Darling put the pedal to the metal for BMC with the "Fast Track” campaign, an idea birthed out of research and a company culture that showed how BMC enables enterprises to grow, monitor, learn, and profit better and faster than any other enterprise software solution company.


Current executions of the "Fast Track" campaign include brand videos, pre-rolls, other forms of digital marketing, print ads in consumer and technology publications, event marketing, and much more.


We invented the term 'Multi-Cloud' to underscore the need for hybrid, business, personal and public cloud solutions. This mini-campaign brakes the mold of the seen-that, done-that type of video. By juxtaposing different birds, we immediately highlight the complexity of cloud expansion and how simply BMC manages it.


Bring IT to Life

We were given two weeks to create a compelling advertising campaign for BMC Software to increase both brand and product awareness across all IT channels as well as C-Level audiences.

The Idea

“Bring IT to Life” was the strategic starting point that led to a campaign utilizing a headline structure always beginning with “IT” followed by an action. This personified IT, to literally “Bring IT to Life”, and simultaneously brought the famous and diverse software solutions that BMC offers together. The results (Q4/2016) have been an average of +65% CTR compared to previous campaigns across all media, with an overall 2.9K form fills.


IT saves lives

“IT saves lives” was a headline for a case study ad about their work for the Swedish Coast Guard, while “IT revolutionizes” was a headline for certain star products that revolutionized the category. The campaign was employed via multiple mediums, from advertising to web to sales materials and beyond. While the early onset of the campaign helped BMC to carve out their niche in the category and gain market share, “Bring IT to Life” has evolved ever further into a campaign that cements BMC as truly different, a unicorn among industry competitors.