• Strategic Thinking
  • Creative Ideation
  • Campaign Design & Launch
  • Video & Microsite Design

As a long standing client of Darling's, this is the largest campaign we have executed for them to date. It celebrates a new technology platform that BMC created.


Darling was asked to take a complicated set of business solutions called The Autonomous Digital Enterprise, and distill it into an exciting, yet simple creative idea that would become their launch campaign.

The Idea

The A-Game, an idea that celebrates the outcome. The A-Game is business at it's best.

The Campaign

In rich black and white visuals and video, we showcased athletes at the top of their game. Through copy, we equated this to business. Executions included video, pre-roll, web banners and other targeted digital media.

The Star

At the center of the campaign is Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in world. She is the epitome of A-Game and served as a fantastic analogy for being at the highest level of performance. Her use was carefully crafted to not be a spokesperson, but rather a representation of excellence.