ACE Group

Strong positioning. Two campaigns and 7 years later, we helped ACE Group (now Chubb Limited) become a global company that is highly respected, trusted, and holding over 100 billion in assets. 



‘Insuring Progress’: these two words became more than a simple ACE Group tagline, but a mantra for the entire company, embraced from top management down to field agents. This positioning stemmed from their unique ability to insure the complex and often the unknown. ACE’s flexibility attracted future-focused companies with large-scale, interesting, and complex to insure ideas.

‘Insuring Progress’ became an inspiring promise to their clients, big and small, who found comfort in having a partner in charting unknown waters. The campaign idea extended well beyond advertising and straight into their boilerplate, their sales sheets, and other tactical collateral pieces at play. ‘Insuring Progress’ ran for a successful 3+ years in print, digital, and event based OOH.



Extensive research enabled us to evolve the ‘Insuring Progress’ positioning into ‘ACE insured’, a spin-off campaign explaining the deeper meaning of what it means to be ACE insured, through the voice of their clients.


As part of the execution of this campaign, we crafted “I am ACE insured” advertising, featuring ACE employees, representative of their clients, speaking candidly as to why ACE was the ideal insurer for them. Again spanning mediums from print to digital to event based OOH, this campaign launched in multiple languages, across the globe.


Our work for ACE Group helped position them as a tour de force to be reckoned with in the insurance industry. To the delight of the Darling family, despite a small communications budget (in comparison to their wallet-heavy competitors), ACE had become the 4th largest insurer in the world.