Ideas That Last a long time, don’t have to take a long time to develop. Our streamlined way of working allows us to get to transformative ideas faster. Darling is the antidote to complex. Our process is simple yet thorough, helping you respond faster to the new realities of a hyper-competitive business environment.


Insights and Research

1. Listening

Deliverables: Brand Diagnostic Deck.

We think the most forgotten step in an agency’s process is listening. The knowledge that comes from truly listening fosters teamwork between client and agency and sets the tone of the entire process. Access to speak with stakeholders, decision makers, sales and marketing team is enormously helpful. This step includes learning from existing research and data as well as possibly planning new research. More often than not, we’ve immediately found new strategic possibilities during this phase.

Strategy and Approach

2. Thinking

Deliverables: Multiple Strategy Option Deck.

New learnings, data, facts, figures and company stories will be filtered by a team composed of a planner, media strategist and creative team. By putting this team together during the beginning of our process, we filter what is pertinent from a business point of view, and what will lead to a new strategic idea. The planner develops strategies approved by media and creative teams before sharing with the client.

Client and Darling

3. Sharing

Deliverables: Final Approved Strategy Deck.

Strategic options are shared and challenged by all involved and tested against competitive approaches. During this stage, we can also test strategic directions among target audiences. One strategic approach will be chosen to further develop during the creative process.

Concept and Creative

4. Dreaming

Deliverables: Campaign, Communication and Design Presentation.

Welcome to the dream phase where media, strategists, and creative teams share their ideas freely and build on each other’s expertise. Any idea based on the winning strategy will be considered and can come from anyone. During this process, Darling’s name inspires the process. We kill our darlings, an expression that came from Dorothy Parker a New York playwright. She taught us to kill our first ideas out of concern that if we fall in love with them too early, we’d never know if there are other bigger ideas out there.

Client and Darling

5. Choosing

Deliverables: A Final Campaign, Communication, and Design Deck.

At this stage, campaign ideas are shared and worked on with the client team. It’s important to us to agree on an idea that is part of a client’s DNA. We don’t believe in ideas that aren’t part of a company’s character. Ideas that last are ideas that fit a company, its people, products, and services. Such ideas can organize and energize the client’s business. They can even become the strategic roadmap.

Production and Analysis

6. Creating

Deliverables: An Effective and Exciting New Business Idea and Campaign.

The winning campaign direction will develop further during production. A winning campaign is like a blueprint and must be optimized continuously. After a campaign hits the road, we test and analyze our work to improve creative and communication. Depending on new data and insight, new ideas will emerge and shared with our clients pro-actively.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
— Albert Einstein