The idea industry is under attack

Writers, painters, illustrators, and designers fear the general acceptance of A.I. and how it will smother their idea industry.

When the business world smells an opportunity that will replace costs, in this case, people, all hands are on deck and all jump aboard.

Three years ago, Forbes announced that notable news organizations like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Yahoo! Sports, and the Associated Press are already producing A.I.-generated articles.

Not many cried foul. Yet, if you think of any of these publications using a machine to write, we all should be up in arms.

In our ad world, it’s perhaps a little easier to share a desk with A.I.

Some creatives are testing what ChatGPT can do and are flabbergasted by the results: excellent illustrations, photo adaptations, and not as sucky copy as expected.

But here’s what’s at stake.

A.I. doesn’t fabricate new; it rehashes the old. Machines don’t learn the new; they re-learn the old.

So far, A.I. is a creative thief who gets by stealing from old awards annuals – and hopes no one notices.

Just don’t fire the human creative team yet.