The Scroll Site. For people who hate websites.

Within three months, many companies fall out of love after launching their website.

That’s ok. It took you much longer than three months to get there. So yes, site fatigue sets in quickly.

Maybe what you need is not a site but a Scroll Site.

It’s a hybrid between a full-fledged website and a simple landing page.

It’s a totally mobile-friendly singular page that lets a visitor scroll and scroll some more.

It’s built with small panels. (We start with a minimum of ten.)

Here’s why that’s super cool;

1- It takes away navigation because you’re mostly scrolling
2- It forces you to edit yourself by keeping your blah blah blah short and sweet
3- It allows your story to move from panel to panel with common sense
4- It lets you design the panels in fun, colorful, animated, and meaningful ways
5- It still allows you to have side pages without navigation

But best of all, you can shuffle or update these panels to avoid site fatigue. You can now add panels super fast with last-minute announcements, edits, or new products – without the need for lengthy meetings.

The Scroll Site.

Not too short. Not too long. Just right. And a pleasure to analyze and optimize.

We do it in under two months.