The Glassdoor into your brand

People are able to see through a glass door.

This actually has a lot to do with your brand.

You see, has this fantastic business model that allows jobseekers to look into companies (think your brand) by looking at their employees’ reviews and scores.

That’s how you know in under one minute that 80% of Amazon’s employees approve of the CEO. While at Walmart, that same criterion counts for 56%.

What does that have to do with your brand?

We think – everything.

You see, often appears on page one of a Google search. So now, they’re in your customer’s face when searching for unrelated terms, like light blue flip-flops.

Think this. 

A potential customer wants some info about your flip-flops. They’ll search Google and learn from Glassdoor within 10 seconds that you suck at making your employees happy. This proves (rightfully or not) that you must have issues. That your future flip-flops are made or provided by unhappy employees. And these are the same people a customer deals with throughout the sales journey. 

Some of these customers may flip-flop on you. 
You don’t want this.

And there’s a way to fix it. It requires an employee-brand effort based on your unique circumstances. A turnaround that’s possible within six months. We’ve done it and seen it before.

You don’t want to wait on this one.