Valueless Superbowl

Today’s the day everybody writes about their opinions of the Superbowl spots. 

No worries. Not here.

We just want to bring up one point: value.

Instead of producing expensive and forgettable spots while paying 7 million for a 0:30 in media, here’s what you can do with these astronomical budgets:

1- Keep your staff.
2- Hire young people.

And here’s what you can say to your agency:

1- Give us real ideas.
2- Make our marketing enjoyable, smart, and flat-out great.
3- Turn our budget into real value.
4- And do this every time.

This shouldn’t sound half as boring as some of the commercials we all watched last night. This should sound exciting.

Value isn’t bad comedy in 30 seconds.
Value makes you laugh all the way to the bank.