How food brands should keep up posting recipes

Running a food company?

Then, you need to follow this key recipe: 

Un-bore it.

Your recipe output that is.

You have no other choice.  

Writing about recipes is exhausting. But the thought of stopping coming up with recipes is like a car maker not showing a car driving in their commercials because it’s done by everyone.

The marketplace is incredibly competitive - which means you've got to un-bore your recipes and by that; your company.

Keep it interesting. Just keep coming up with new recipes.


– Add a new spin on an old favorite. (Just a twist is worth the post)

– Add a fun and quirky company video. (Doesn't have to be Hollywood - here, authenticity speaks volumes)

–  Celebrate an unexpected ingredient, spice, or secret prep in a dish. (It makes your posts even more personal)

So get creative and un-bore your food business.