NEW is overrated


Your brand is fine if it’s not NEW.

NEW is overrated.
NEW can actually hurt your brand.

Just remind yourself of the proven psychology behind familiarity.

When consumers walk through the supermarket aisles and need detergent, their go-to brand is no longer a consideration but instead automation.

They don’t really read the labels; they scan them measured in milliseconds. They know the color, look and shape of your branded bottles or packages and just grab them.

Yet too many CMOs and their teams constantly feel pressure to update their goods.

Stop. Think. Relax.

Tweaking is fine. But changing things into the NEW can be disastrous.

NEW disturbs that consumer automation you paid for dearly in marketing.

That’s why more than once, we have talked our clients out of going NEW.

Instead, a fine tweak is much more beneficial and rewarding.

It says; we are who we are and always will be, but we stay with the times.

And consumers appreciate just that.