Hire Grandma

Over the last few years, diversity has been pumped up to the ‘Oomph’ dimension. Wonderful.

But age discrimination is still rampant.

Harvard Business Review found that among gender, racial or cultural bias, age bias stood out as the highest. And when asked by Deloitte to go deeper and research 10,000 companies how they felt, the result was that over two-thirds of those companies considered older age a ‘competitive disadvantage.’ This all being consistent with data from the AARP.

At this moment, in New York City, Indeed shows 178 ‘senior’ jobs available. Hahaha (we can’t stop laughing about this stupidity).

Monster.com is waking up: “It turns out that the most knowledgeable and reliable portion of the potential workforce is also among the most overlooked: older workers.”

But America is a funny place. We are quick to follow trends and listen to research. Luckily, plenty of trends and research-ignoring companies out there know better.

Grandma (and Grandpa) work harder.

Bloomberg, thank goodness, is saying the total opposite. About a year ago, they spotted 70-year-olds leaving 30-year-olds in the dust.

And Bloomberg predicts a 96.5% growth of ages 75+ in the workforce. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds amazing.

Grandma is motivated and wants to work. She brings experience and a kick-ass attitude.

Hire her.