Brand Love is earned

Not everyone has to love your brand.

If you get nervous looking at reviews and comments coming in, take a break.

Stop looking.
Start dating.

Think, most established big brands were born out of an idea and not out of trying to please everyone.

Plus, like any human relationship, love comes and goes.

Brand love is about the same.

Sitting back and wondering why some don’t love your brand is reactionary.

You should ignore all of that and rather be 100% proactive.

Your daily question should be:
What can I do to find new ways and light up the candle again?

No, not a coupon. A coupon would be considered a cheap date.

We’re talking about recognizing the customer's status, length of being a customer, or purchase frequency.

One of us at Darling just got an email from American Express thanking them for being a member for 25 years. That’s it? An email? That’s not how you celebrate birthdays, is it?

A gift of some kind (points, miles, or whatever) is a demonstration of appreciation and will rekindle that flame brightly.

Remember, for the customer to love you, you have to love your customer first.

Brand love is a two-way street.