The State of The Brand

Last night was the annual State of The Union address – a beautiful American tradition few other countries have.

President Biden outlined achievements and plans from large to small to kitchen table issues.

It’s something each brand should do.

The State of The Brand. Your brand.

Writing the speech alone will help you realize the possibilities - and face its shortcomings.

Write it like an address.

Not as long as President Biden’s, but try to pack it all in.

The positives first.

Next, the issues where you can do better.

But avoid writing it from an opposing point of view.

Don’t go negative; that won’t do any good.

Look at the bright side and where your brand can go.

Next, find an audience.

And ignore anyone heckling you during your address.

That’s just a sign of weakness.

And you are the opposite of weak.

You are an American brand, kicking ass.