A new identity for a 100-year-old club.

In a way, the initials NL are a brand in itself. Growing up in Holland (sorry, I call our country by its ‘touristy’ name), when seeing a foreign numberplate on a car, we looked for the oval sticker on the back to guess its origin. We knew the D stood for Germany, the F for France, CH for Switzerland, ES for Spain, and so on. And sometimes we even saw a GB from Great Britain. As the iron curtain fell, the initials became more interesting guess work; P for Poland, MNE for Montenegro, even RUS for Russia. And yes, sometimes a USA sticker – the driver being usually an American military stationed in Germany. 

Looking at these official car stickers, it’s ‘NL’ that has grown into more than a destination. NL has become a designation. A trade mark guaranteeing surprising graphic and furniture design. Remarkable solutions in engineering, architecture, and marine-industry breakthroughs. And don’t forget; worldwide respected DJs pushing the envelope in electronic music.

A new generation knows what ‘NL' is - and they’re always on the lookout at what ’NL' produces.  

Since the Club’s name has been ’Netherland Club’ for over 100 years, I thought we should be part of what these initials evoke. After all, the club’s mission is to be a bridge between NL and NY bringing you art, culture and events.

Our design speaks for itself. The N in orange, tips our hat to our King. The shortened L forming the red, white and blue - is our flag. Couldn’t be simpler. Couldn’t be more iconic. And hopefully will prove itself memorable.