If ChatGPT would be your intern, would you hire it?

The intern season is coming, and we hope everyone is helping them all out.

Hire an intern.

Meanwhile, companies are wondering if they should get that ChatGPT thingy this summer.

CEOs are asking CFOs, who are asking COOs, who are asking CIOs, who are asking CMOs what to do about this ChatGPT thingy.

They Googled it first and got as far as ‘Chat…’ to see Wikipedia immediately pop up with some kind of an answer.

A deep answer, as judged by the 123 references of contributors Wiki puts at the bottom. That’s just the last two years (obviously).

One of those references points at the Atlantic, quoting an article written by Will Douglas Heaven for the MIT Technology Review: “When OpenAI launched ChatGPT in late November 2022, the San Francisco–based artificial-intelligence company had few expectations. Certainly, nobody inside OpenAI was prepared for a viral mega-hit.

Without knowing it, the company opened the door to newness. And anything new, mysterious, and potentially big gets hyped fast in the tech world.

No one really knows what's behind that door.

It’s like an intern people are talking about in the hallways. 
No one really knows what she/he does, but the hype has taken over.

“We should hire her/him before the competition does,” says someone.
“Great idea,” says someone else.

And there you have it. The unknown or fully understood has become irresistible.

Irresistible to speculative writing.

So I’ll stop here, adding only these words; calm-down-people.

A.I. is not an intern. Only an intern is an intern.

Book one today.