Why aren't you calling A.I. back?

Call your mom first.
Call A.I. next.

CMOs and their teams expect you to write, respond, rate, review and call their bots back.

That’s normal, no?

CMO: “Hey, me, my team, and A.I. spent tons of money on this. Now we’re under the gun. So why aren’t you calling?” 

The consulting and tech industry has exploded with platforms claiming to help you get more customers. 

And it’s exhausting for marketing teams – but even more exhausting to consumers in general.

Here’s why it’s not helping your brand.

Today, my car is in the garage for a regular check-up. Meanwhile, I’m getting messages and DM cards from the same car brand telling me that they have a great soon-to-run-out deal for me. I know the person whose signature is on these messages personally; she already sold me two cars in the past.

So? I responded to let her know that I’ll be in the garage today and that she could tell me what the deal was. Forget it. A.I. was using her name, and A.I. decided to get back to me later.

That may be a small example to you, but it’s a big disappointment to any loyal customer expecting some kind of brand loyalty.

You see, in practice, A.I. isn’t loyal.

People can be.