Brands must take grandmas seriously

Brands better take grandmas seriously.

We are still getting strategic briefs with age specs.
Like – ages: 22 to 54. Who thinks that up? Data? Your call-it-in research?

Brands need to forget that stuff. Brands need to embrace everyone, including our grandmas.

Don’t forget; it’s your grandma who smoked weed. Illegally. That makes her way cooler than you. And don't worry – if a 70 or 80-year-old wants to wear that new Levi’s trucker jacket. It’s super cool on her since she tie-dyed her own clothes and painted peace signs and flowers on her fading 501s back then.

Grandmas and grandpas are any brand’s greatest rule-breakers—the anti-audience. They wear shoes and jeans meant for 18-year-olds. They were the first to embrace the MINI cars (in Florida, of course).

That’s why Levis doesn’t get them. Apple doesn’t get them. Samsung doesn’t get them. Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, or Neiman Marcus sure as hell don’t get them.

They represent the aging hipsters. You know hipsters 1.0, before the annoying hipsters 2.0 of recent.

And boy, are they spending. According to VISA, the boomers are still outspending the millennials. Online as well. AARP found they spend at least $683 on non-essential items each month.

Just understand that putting all ages into that strategic brief of yours allows you also to put them on your casting lists. Show these grandmas off in your campaigns.

It will not hurt your brand perception. And it’s one more step towards true diversity.