A.k.a. Not now please!

Data allows marketing, media, and ad agency teams to really know their audiences. From habits to behavior, from personal tastes to aversions to intimate secrets. This knowledge has served brands well. They haunt their customers and potential customers every day with messaging that they think is appreciated. All of us are exposed to texts, endless emails, unasked-for popup windows, super annoying clickbait, and, on top of that, the old-fashioned cold calls.

That’s Brand Stalking, as we call it, at darling. Like a bad date after you break up. The boy or girl doesn’t get it. It’s over. Didn’t we break up? Should I get a court order?Should I get an order of protection?

Data is like a drug. Too much, and you’re hooked. Go easy now. Step away from your data fountain. Just because you’re sitting on a wealth of consumer insights doesn’t automatically mean you should use all of it. Filter that data and think slowly and carefully about what to use and what not.

We suggest prioritizing your consumer data insights by:

1. learnings that can influence your products and service
2. learnings that can influence your messaging

You may say, “Hey, I’m doing that already.” We say: “Maybe, but you may be overdoing that already.”

Not every data point has to be turned into messaging. Stop the stalking. Go for quality. Not quantity. No one, including yourself, wants to be stalked. It will lead to an order of protection. Also known as ‘reducing your brand to the spam folder.’