Do you wish your brand a nice weekend?

A brand’s reputation is the most at stake between Friday and Monday morning. That’s pretty much common sense since we all buy stuff most of the time during the weekend.

During the weekend, we put brands to the test. We buy new brands, and we read up on what brands we should check out and not.

This is where brand management comes in.

Most brand managers, including their agencies, are busy having a good weekend and don’t manage anything.

“Hey man, have a nice weekend,” they’ll say on their way out.

Yet, their brand is bracing for a busy few days.

And these are also the best days for social listening. Traffic is highest, and comments come pouring down. Analytics are flying, and there are lessons to be had.

Or not, according to most agency people and brand managers we asked.

“Hey man, enjoy the weekend,” they told us.

Do firefighters take off?

Neither does your brand.

Only you can make sure the weekend will be a nice one…for you and your brand.