Don’t know OXO (pronounced Ox-Oh)?
Well, you should by now. They’re the leader in universally designed household tools— most people have a healthy slew of OXO products in their kitchen drawers and don’t even realize it, quite the unique branding conundrum to have. 


With a laser-sharp digital strategy, we decided to issue a wake-up call to the kitchen-dwellers who walk amongst OXO, unaware, executed in the form of a letter. The brand campaign was dubbed “Love, OXO” and allowed us to communicate directly to specific consumers based on their niche needs or lifestyle. Mango Slicer banners targeting Mango Manglers could be found on dessert recipe pages, and Measuring Cup banners targeting Meticulous Measurers popped up on baking pages via The creative kernel was designed with specific mediums of media in mind, adding to the campaign’s efficiency, power and pop. 

To build on the momentum, a corresponding Facebook application was launched in tandem with the “Love, OXO” campaign. The application was home to the “Dear Culinary Contraption Compiler,” a contest that asked participants to creatively convey why and how they enjoy their OXO products.


The Sound of OXO

What do you do with over 1,600,000 fans spread out over various social media platforms? You put them to work! You challenge them. If you want to call yourself an 'OXONIAN' you better know your stuff. What better way to engage an audience that to test their loyalty? The Sound of OXO is a way to let fans and future fans listen to a certain noise coming from an OXO product. You guess it? You get it! And if you don't guess it, share it.