Maranatha Human Services

Human Services

An organization of all-star caliber individuals who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of developmentally disabled people.


They believe, as do we, that the future of caregiving lies in placing adults with developmental disabilities in private homes, instead of group homes. New York State, with the help of federal funds, is sponsoring an ongoing pilot program to measure the practicality of home care, and Darling has humbly absorbed the communications aspect of this program.


The M-heart identity we developed is just a small piece of the branding of Maranatha and its PEP program. It has a clear meaning; if not for the boundless love the Maranatha team pumps into their work, hundreds of people would be abandoned without care. If not for their tireless and sometimes anonymous labor, developmentally disabled people would remain an afterthought, their needs silenced. Thanks to the selfless attitude that embodies this organization, Maranatha is adamantly respected by the multitudes who have come to rely on them.

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