Genpact - Lean Digital

Lean Digital

Acting beyond the client’s expectations, we recently broke down and built up Genpact’s core branding from the inside out.


With a Lean (mean) 6 Sigma heritage, we strategically spun Genpact’s legacy of “lean” methodology with their unique digital focus, yielding not only a campaign, but an entirely new business mantra: Lean Digital.


Lean Digital is substantiated by our discovery that digital budgets within enterprises are estimated to be as astronomically high as $593 billion globally. Of that, a jaw-dropping $394 billion is unnecessarily wasted, most due to dust-covered legacy processes and obsolete technologies.

Lean Digital allows Genpact to help solve this problem by applying their unique thinking processes to their clients’ digital demands, in turn Generating Impact. Upon presenting the idea to their CEO he exclaimed, with ‘eureka' beaming from his eyes, “this will be my legacy.”

Darling helped us crystallize, in one simple moniker, both an extremely powerful market positioning as well as an organizing principle that helps our strategy and its execution well beyond marketing.
— Gianni Giacomelli, CMO, Genpact