The New Normal

We wrote a trends deck for 2020 but truthfully, it was a decade in the making.

It was focused on behavior shifts and the change driving those shifts, rather than the latest platform or technology, with a focus on looking forward.

We scoured the web, white papers, and trend reports but so much of where we landed was rooted in our understanding of how the world has changed and continues to, due to social.

Social impacts, literally, everything and to be effective, it can’t live organizationally in a silo or be considered an afterthought. Those who get social and do it well, know that.

So how did we start?  

We couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room or what we refer to as the Trump effect. Love him or hate him, he’s given Twitter a rebirth and entire movements have formed as a result of the discourse and debate happening today – from OK Boomer to Cancel Culture.

New industries have formed, with coaches to help people break up with their devices and in turn, new content trends have formed rooted in creating a feeling of “euphoria” through visual and auditory stimuli because, well, people just want to feel good again.

Temp is the new norm, yet most brands still think in terms of monthly content calendars. Instead, we need to think about how we use platforms based on consumer behavior and adapt our strategies to fit those use cases.

The truth is, a one-size-fits all channel strategy no longer works as platforms today are more than feed. Content and channel strategies should reflect this change, yet many don’t. 

Social isn’t just about what we say or do. It’s how we activate the voice of others through partnerships, editorial and IRL. 

Take influencers for example.  They have the same struggles and accountabilities as brands, yet most brands have yet to embrace that in today’s play-to-play world, it isn’t enough to pay them, you have to pay to whitelist their content too.

Brands who get social get that external factors matter as much, if not more. From consumer culture to category climate, external factors play a huge role when it comes to brand experience and perception.

As live streaming and voice-activated everything continues to gain momentum, a whole new world of possibility is opening up for how people consume and get content. It’s important to evolve and build with these in mind, as strategies and tactics must evolve with expectations.

What was once good enough no longer is.